practical survival skills

We would like to thank everyone for the fantastic 2013 year.


FREE seminars.  Come out and learn some new skills, relax at the campfire or just generally hang out.  We will be conducting our open house May 9, 10, 11, 2014.

Come for the day or the whole weekend, it's up to you.  We will be conducting our open house on wooded Crown Land just North West of Orillia, ON.

We will provide individuals with all the location information once you have informed us that you will be attending. If you are attending, remember to bring all things needed for sleeping and camping, a chair is a must. If you are staying at the site, you are responsible for your own food, water,ete etc...

Seminars will include:
  • Friday: meet and greet, chat, and enjoy the campfire.
  • Sat:  1) Seminar on General Hunting Practices 2) An introductory shoot with .22 rifles for those who have never shot before and would like to try their hand at it. We supply the rifles, ammo, safety glasses, etc and the instruction. 3) Stalking exercises
  • Sun: Seminar on caloric intake. Best foods for Bugout bags for the real world.

We will also be having free draws throughout the weekend with some really great prizes such as Bogata pick sets, Hideaway pick sets, Bugout Food, 50% off a class of your choice etc.
Please let us know if you would like to attend ASAP. Equipment list to follow.


Phone Allen 705-796-6543