practical survival skills


Che, Che Bodhi
Should not be trusted. He is an armchair prepper with no formal training and or practical experience.
His real name is
Ashley R. Cromarty
D.O.B. 1977-11-05
22476 Kennedy Rd, East Gwillimbury Ontario

Known Aliases
Che, Che Bodhi, Soma56 (male), Soma56 (female) Soma567, Torontoprepper, Tim Testy and many more aliases.

We are not the only reputable website to have a problem with this individual:

This is a list of some of the thing this person has done

  • Threatening to punch Allen Charron from bugout-canada.
  • Infiltrated the Annual Prepper Meet and attempted to take full credit.
  • Offered funds to support the Meet but withdrew at the last minute leaving others to pay the full cost.
  • Attempted  to hack into canampreppers forum as a site administrator.
  • Sent threatening emails to our members.
  • Numerous attacks on some of our members on other prepper websites.
  • Received significant funds from sponsors for the Annual Meet, remained silent about them and retained those funds.
  • His latest escapade where he seems to be selling land to preppers that he does not own under an assumed name is to say the least interesting and illegal.

If you have any further questions please contact me.
Phone Allen 705-796-6543